About Us

Maganey Industries has been in operation since 1988. Each year has seen further growth and improvement of the company. This was acknowledged in 1993 when the company recieved ISO 9002 registration for their quality management system. The company was the first fellmongery in the world to achieve this feat.

Building Our factory is built on a four acre site. This allows for ample storage indoors and outdoors in a safe environment. It also provides easy access for large trucks which can be loaded via our loading bay.

Maganey Industries has a production of 650,000+ skins and 35,000+ hides per annum. To ensure the quality of our production, our staff are trained in grading and salting. Staff are furthered trained in forklift driving, knife safety and manual handling.

Skins Our skins are sold to the top shoe and garment producers in the world. We export to countries such as China, Turkey, Poland and Spain. This along with our strong relationships with our suppliers, distributors and employees ensures a bright future for Maganey Industries.

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